Spring 2014 Grant Recipients

Christopher Adams
(Bldg HS)
Maximizing Fitness: heart monitors for the Wellness Department

Karen Albert
(Bldg MS)
How Fast is it? Motion detectors and physics in action in 6th grade! Edible cars

Kellie Aughenbaugh
(Bldg VV)
Looking Deeper: mircroscopes in 2nd grade Microscopes

Laura Corsa
(Bldg MS)
Enhancing Active Learning through advanced technology in the 6th grade math classroom. 24 Chrome Books

Brian Ellis
(Bldg HS)
Developing Habits of Mind: studying and teaching behaviors that lead to student success in the high school 30 books

Leigh Foy
(Bldg HS)
Improving Anatomy & Physiology lab instruction with virtual dissection and updated instrumentation

Marcella Oathout
(Bldg HS)
In Our Own Words: publishing authentic voices of York Suburban High School Publishing 220 texts

Kindergarten Teams
(Bldg VV/YE)
Countdown to Kindergarten: introducing the skills for success in kindergarten Educational material grab bags

Spring 2014 Grant Total: $19,013.00