Spring 2012 Grant Recipients

Lisa Acquaviva (MS)
Motivating Students/Mindful Movement ($2,636.40)
In-Service speaker and texts for middle school teacher training.

Sue Anderson (VV/IR)
Library Kindle Program ($520)
4 Kindles to be shared with Indian Rock and Valley View.

Jim Biddle (EY)
SmartMusic Pilot Program ($970.95)
SmartMusic subscriptions for EY 4th Grade.

Shannon California (EY)
Active Engagement in the Class ($1,723.85)
Wireless remotes for one classroom.

Shannon California (EY)
Explicit Instruction in the Class ($299)
One document camera.

Katherine Cardello (MS)
Document Cameras ($598)
Two document cameras.

Laura Corsa (MS)
Document Camera ($299)
One document camera.

Michael Coy (MS)
Document Reader ($299)
One document reader.

Leslie Gentzyel (HS)
iPads in the Biology Classroom ($14,179.95)
20 iPads, approved by DCED for use of EITC funding.

Greg Gulley (IR)
iPad Apps for Math Centers ($1,200)
To combine with Amy Uffelman’s grant for 3 iPads for use in Grade 4 at IR.

Donna Krane (MS)
Kindling the Reading Habit ($1,085.92)
8 kindles and E-books for use in the MS library.

Jennifer Martin (HS)
Dragon Naturally Speaking ($495)
Software to be used by high school special education students.

Julie Stover (EY)
Enhancing Explicit Instruction ($299)
One document camera.

Heather Hoover (YES)
Bring Them to the Table ($4,399)
One Smart Table.

Amy Uffleman (IR)
iPads for Math Centers (see above)
*to combine with Greg Gulley’s for 3 iPads for use in Grade 4.

Kelly Duke (YES)
Document Cameras ($598)
Two document cameras.

Eric Hoffman (MS)
JA Biztown Program ($2,000)
Bussing to the JA Biztown Program.

Spring 2012
Grant Total: