Spring 2011 Grant Recipients

Karen Albert (MS)
Short Circuits
Purchase of Snap Electricity Circuits for the 6th grade to enhance concept of electricity. ($1,946)

Jennifer Andrews (HS)
Purchase fitness software to collect and analyze fitness assessment data of the students, in addition to a module that allows the students to set goals and track individual results. ($1500)

Denise Fuhrman (HS)
Coaching Higher Order Thinking Skills
Purchase 40 copies of the book, “Higher Order Thinking Skills: Challenging All Students to Achieve.” This is a professional development tool for the HS faculty that aligns their written curriculum with the expectations of corresponding PA academic standards and designing quality assessments. ($550)

Marilyn Henning (VV @ YES)
Raz Kids Reading Program ($300)
Purchase 5 licenses of Raz Kids.

Eric Hoffman (MS)
Flipped for Writing ($715)
Purchase of a flip camera so students can record, edit and write scripts/narratives for videos.

Tawn Ketterman / Kevin Willson (VV @ YES)
SMART Tables in Early Elementary Classroom ($13,197)
Purchase 3 SMART tables for elementary buildings. Six were requested and a 4th will be purchased when additional EITC funds are available.

Susan Mellinger (VV @ YES)
Art and Literacy for K-2 Students ($500)
Purchase quality art-related children’s books and story books that relate to an art lesson as well as supplementing the student’s library in the art room.

Patty Murray (VV @ YES)
Reading at Home Grade 2 ($500)
Purchase books to allow reading support students to select a just right leveled book to take home each evening to read to a parent.

Adrienne Myers (IR)
SMART Slates ($1,750)
Purchase 5 Smart Slates for all 5th grade students at IR.

Dana Poster (EY/IR)
Diversity Training ($900)
Diversity training developed by the JCC to focus on issues such as social awareness of differences, accepting of others and inclusion/exclusion for the entire 5th grade. Program will consist of one session for 45 minutes, two classes at a time. Two assemblies (IR and EY) will follow ($250 each) to be sponsored by the respective PTO.

Dorene Ridgway (EY)
SMART Response in Elementary School Classroom ($3,447)
Purchase 2 SMART Response PE Systems.

Julie Stover (EY)
Raising Reading Achievement ($500)
Purchase books for struggling 4th and 5th grade students with high interest, low level reading material.

Julie Stover (EY)
Tools to Aid Student Achievement ($1,000)
Provide each classroom with a set of “whisper phones” and trackers to aid student achievement.

Aly Tapp (HS)
Flipping Out: Innovation in Instruction ($1,187)
Allow teachers to “flip” their classroom by providing structural time off campus in order to increase “in class” time facilitation, differentiation and remediation. Teachers will use summer creating traditional videos of their instruction including “screen cast” videos of instruction.

Phong Vo (HS)
Science Olympiad ($900)
Send 10-15 students to the Science Olympiad competition, to be held March 2012 at Millersville University.

Spring 2011
Grant Total: