Fall 2009 Grant Recipients

First Tech Challenge (HS)
Student Robotics Competition ($1,274)
Team of HS students will enter an engineering competition by building a robot to do assigned task. Grant is to purchase a robotics kit and the registration fee for the competition.

EY 4th grade teachers (EY)
Purchase Snap Circuit Kits ($590.22)
Purchase of 18 Snap Electricity kits for 4th grade, that will teach students how electricity in their home works, how switches control electricity to lights and discover how series and parallel circuits affect electricity.

Jarred Moore (MS)
Vex Robotics ($1,000)
Purchase of 2 Vex robotics systems for 8th grade middle school students. Two students can use 1 kit at a time.

Amy Hare/Susan Herman (VV)
Bear Pins Reading Program ($1,000)
BEAR (Be excited about reading). Purchase of (312) books to match the individual reading levels of kindergarten, transition and first grade students. Students will sign the books out to take home and read to their parents.

Jolene Kingston (HS)
Read to Succeed ($1,450)
Provide high interest books to students reading below grade level in an effort to enhance reading competency. Students will select a book from a wholesaler and read it on personal time. Over time, a library of these “high interest” books will grow and become self-sustaining.

Kevin Willson (VV)
A Step Beyond Kid Writing ($600)
Purchase of 2 USB document cameras that will enable teachers to instantly project student writings while it is occurring. This training tool will allow teachers to demonstrate writing skills and not lose the teachable moment by doing their review and editing after class.

Lona Kluttz (VV)
English Language Learners in Primary Grade ($500)
Provide language rich resources and educational materials to promote language acquisition skills and academic proficiency to English Language learners in 1st grade. Funds to purchase multiple language and literacy resources from Kaplan.

R. Leigh Foy (HS)
Real Science /Real Scientists ($905)
Combine an AP Biology student field trip to a research lab at Hershey Medical Center followed by small groups of students doing their own independent research projects. Includes cost of field trip and research supplies for the lab.

Suzette White (EY)
Embryology ($175)
Enhance 2nd grade bird unit with real life experience of watching eggs develop into baby chicks.

Crystal Cassese (EY)
Tumble Book Library ($399)
An online collection of over 140 books that are animated. These talking picture books teach kids the joy of reading in a format they love. Benefits all students at EY.

Lisa Hess (EY)
Parenting Book Club and Library ($466.69)
Participants will benefit by enriching their awareness of developmentally appropriate discipline, increasing their self –confidence as parents, connecting with other parents and potentially accessing an additional support system created by other attendees. There will be two book clubs consisting of four, 1 hour sessions. One club will be run during the day and the other in the evening.

Fall 2009
Grant Total: $8,359.91