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2020 Grant Recipients

The York Suburban Education Foundation (YSEF) is pleased to announce it has awarded 14 grants totaling $41,400.00 through its 2020-2021 Grant program.

Bringing YSMS Student Engagement “Around the World”
Brandi Adamy and Kiersten Handy (York Suburban Middle School)
This grant was awarded to Brandi Adamy and Kiersten Handy. The purpose of this grant is to enrich the eighth grade World Language and Culture classes, with a focus but not limited to students needing sensory remediation. The use of various sensory tools such as floor cushions, bean bag chairs, balance boards, yoga balls and hand held fidget toys allow the learners’ minds and bodies to be stimulated, increasing student participation and collaborative communication required for second language learning. These tools will also assist in decreasing student anxiety and disruption. $561.96.

Life Skills
Sarah Coppersmith (Valley View Elementary School)
This grant was awarded to Sarah Coppersmith for students in Kindergarten through Second Grade at Valley View. The goal is for young students to spend time learning basic life skills such as simple meal preparation, washing dishes, cleaning a room, writing a letter, folding laundry, tying shoes, etc. As the application stated, 58% of 3- to 5-year-olds in the United States can navigate a smartphone, but only 15% can make their own breakfast. Life skills will put students on a path toward independence. The items purchased will be reusable. $2,000.00.

We Need More Diverse Books
Laura Gordon (Yorkshire Elementary Schools)
This grant was awarded to Laura Gordon at Yorkshire. The grant will allow the purchase of books aimed at English Language Learners. Yorkshire Elementary has 38 students enrolled in the English Language Learner program from 14 countries speaking 11 different languages. Diverse books will encourage cultural awareness and sensitivity as well as provide a connection for students to their native language. $1,581.01.

Exploring Engineering Through Robotics
Katelyn Hall (Indian Rock and East York Elementary School)
This grant was awarded to Katelyn Hall to benefit students at both Indian Rock and East York. The grant money will be used to purchase LEGO® Mindstorms, a programmable robotics construction set that gives students the power to design, build, and code LEGO® robots. Additional robotic kits at both elementary schools will allow for greater student participation. This grant is partially funded by YSEF’s Jeffrey D. Sindicich Endowment Fund held at the York County Community Foundation. The fund is in memory of Jeffrey Sindicich, 1986 York Suburban graduate. $1,865.18.

Learning Support Coffee Shop
Amber Krzanowski (York Suburban High School)
This grant was awarded to Amber Krzanowski for high school learning support students to run a coffee shop at the high school. The grant request was much more than just having a coffee shop. The goal is to have a self-sustaining business plan with a mobile cart from which to run the business. Teaching students business skills is the goal. $900.00.

Using Technology to Engage in Authentic Assessment
Laura McClure, Danielle Robson, Nicole Shaak, Dwight Hare, Melissa Miller and Katie Stahlnecker (East York Elementary School)
This grant was awarded to Laura McClure, Danielle Robson, Nicole Shaak, Dwight Hare, Melissa Miller and Katie Stahlnecker at East York to purchase Planar Helium Widescreen Multi-Touch Monitors. Through the use of the multi-touch monitors, students will be able to work with classmates to explore virtual learning experiences. Specifically, students will be able to engage in manipulation of math concepts, produce digital media to be shared with the community, and participate in immersive research experiences. $6,293.84.

Morning Choice
Lexy Morrow (Valley View Elementary Schools)
This grant was awarded to Lexy Morrow at Valley View. The idea is for the Second Graders’ school day to begin with a soft start of approximately 20 minutes of playing group games of their choice. The grant money will be used to purchase a variety of age appropriate activities such as board games, LEGOS®, and art supplies. The success of this approach to start the school day will be tracked over a three-year period of time based on test score results. $1,140.01.

One Book, One School, Building Community
Julie Stover (East York Elementary School)
This grant was awarded to Julie Stover at East York. With this grant, all students at East York Elementary will be given the same book for both the student and their families to read. There will be various events centered around the book and even a website to share comments about the book. YSEF funded this project in the past with much success. $3,500.00.

Transforming Kinders
Chevonne Tyson (Valley View Elementary School)
This grant was awarded to Chevonne Tyson at Valley View. Using the grant money, Kindergarten teachers
will transform classrooms at Valley View into a variety of simulations throughout the year. These include 100th Day Spy Lab, Alice in Mathland, Sugar Rush, Vowel Surgery, Jurassic Park, and Starbooks. The items from these simulations will be reusable in years to come. $1,758.00.

Mimic Personal Finance
Kevin Willson (York Suburban High School)
This grant was awarded to Kevin Willson at York Suburban High School. The funds will allow for the purchase of a site license for Mimic Personal Finance, a program that teaches budgeting, money management, banking and personal finance. An entire semester course can be developed around the use of this program. $2,500.00.

York Suburban Esports League
Gage Donagher and Casey Reider (York Suburban High School)
This grant was awarded to Gage Donagher, a high school student, with Casey Reider as the faculty sponsor. York Suburban High School has an Esports League that is STEM approved. The League promotes social interaction through video games that encourage problem solving and creativity. Students participate in tournaments with other schools. $2,300.00.

York Suburban Middle School Facility Dog
Dr. Michael Snedden (York Suburban Middle School)
This grant was awarded to Dr. Michael Snedden at York Suburban Middle School. This grant will cover the cost of a facility dog, and its training, at YSMS. The goal of a facility dog is to reduce the stress and anxiety of students and staff during the school day, thereby creating a healthy, positive, and safe school environment. Students and teachers will interact with the facility dog, both in group and individual situations, with the supervision of the certified primary or secondary handler. $3,500.00.

Books as Windows and Mirrors: Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Bookshelf
Dr. Kimberly Stoltz and Dr. Todd Monos (Yorkshire and Valley View Elementary School)
This grant was awarded to Dr. Kimberly Stoltz at Yorkshire Elementary School and Dr. Todd Monos at Valley View Elementary School. With the money from this grant, Kindergarten to Second Grade classrooms at Valley View and Yorkshire Elementary will receive a set of diverse books (in terms of characters, authors and/or illustrators) to be utilized for read-aloud time. The books will facilitate a discussion of community where all children are able to see themselves in the pages of books (mirrors) while embracing the beauty and value of others (windows). $3,500.00.

Developing a Modern Media and Communications Program
Dr. Brian Ellis (York Suburban High School)
The goal of this grant is to seed the development of a more dynamic and engaging digital media center to support teachers and
students in the creation of digital projects as they complete their school work while also providing the means to teach students
modern news and media communication that incorporates social media, video, and ongoing dynamic change. This grant is funded by
a generous donation from a YS Alum, Class of 1965. $10,000.00.