From Grant Feedback

YSEF Feedback on Grants

  • I have learned movement is very important to do so the brain can regenerate with a burst of energy.
    ~Grant: Brain Breaks
  • The very nature of this project is innovative in that it is REAL LIFE. Students went beyond text and pictures and witnessed chicks move through the birth process from egg to living, breathing animal.
    ~Grant: Embryology
  • I worked on my problems with peer pressure.
    ~Grant: Adventure-Based Education
  • Students who used SmartMusic now play at a much higher level.
    ~Grant: Smart Music
  • For parent visitation day, we used iPads to make screencasts of writings about what we thankful for and created QR codes so our parents could scan them to see our picture and listen to us read our writings. Our parents thought it was very cool!
    ~Grant: IPads for Math and Creativity
  • “Reading at Home books at high interest, but low reading level, added to selection of books in the reading room. Students clamored to read these new non-fiction books!”
    ~Grant: Raising Reading Achievement
  • “The instrumentation purchased with the YSEF funds allowed my students to do exercise physiology experiments like measuring the oxygen in their exhaled breath, determining their different lung capacities, and independent research projects in the AP Biology course. This €œprobe lab instrumentation is an excellent investment as it allows students to do the hands on activities that truly make science come alive. I am so very appreciative of the YSEF grants and can see the return on this investment in the excitement that my students exude as they learn about anatomy and physiology.”
    ~Grant: Improving Anatomy and Physiology Virtual human dissection and updated instrumentation for exercise physiology experiments
  • “We are thankful for the involvement of the York Suburban Education Foundation and its business partner for connecting us to an opportunity to tour a York County printing and design company. Observing the daily workflow will be invaluable to us as we continue to mold our coursework for this new venture.”
    ~Grant: Design Studio: The Business of Art
  • “The students were able to visually recognize if they worked hard enough to exercise in their target heart rate zone. It is difficult for students to know how hard they have to exercise to be in their zone. The heart rate monitors were a very useful tool.”
    ~Grant Title: Heart Rate Monitors for Wellness