2015 Tribute Cards (now YS CeleGram)


The following teachers, administrators, and staff received Tribute Cards in 2015 from grateful members of the YSSD community:

Aly Kenee, YS High School

Amy Mason, East York Elementary

Amy Uffelman*, Indian Rock Elementary

Angie Adams, YS Middle School

Bill Boll*, Administration

Brian Marshall, East York Elementary

Catherine Braun, YS High School

Chad Lonergan, East York Elementary

Charlene Benjamin*, Valley View Elementary

Cheryl Bowman, Yorkshire Elementary

Cheryl Johnson, Valley View Elementary

Christine Forney*, Yorkshire Elementary

Christine Stipanovic, YS Middle School

Colleen Dennen-Stanley, YS Middle School

Cynthia Eifert, YS Middle School

Cynthia Landis, Administration

David Coombs, Administration

David Wickenheiser, YS High School

Deborah Shumaker*, Valley View Elementary

Doreene Baughman*, Administration

Dr. Christopher Rumbaugh, YSYS High School

Dr. Kimberly Stoltz*, Yorkshire Elementary

Dr. Michele Merkle, Administration

Dr. Patricia Maloney*, Administration

Dr. Scott Krauser*, YS Middle School

Dr. Todd Monos, YS Middle School

Dwight Hare, East York Elementary

Ellissa Kauffman, East York Elementary

Heather Hoover, Yorkshire Elementary

In Memory of Clarabeth Grossman

In Memory of Thomas Hummel

James Biddle*, East York Elementary

James McFadden*, YS Middle School

James Noel, YS Middle School

Jamie Britton*, YS High School

Jamie Evans, YS Middle School

Jamie Wolf, East York Elementary

Janifer Nolte, Indian Rock Elementary

Jared Moore, YS Middle School

Jason Soullad, YS Middle School

Jeffrey Ohl, YS Middle School

Jennifer Andrews, YS Middle School

Jennifer Arcuri, YS Middle School

Jennifer Leppo, Administration

Jennifer Small, Yorkshire Elementary

Jonathan Reed, YS Middle School

Karen Campbell, YS Middle School

Karen Moyer*, Yorkshire Elementary

Kathleen Falatovich*, YS High School

Kathleen Green, YS Middle School

Kayla Ichter*, Valley View Elementary

Kelly Duke*, Yorkshire Elementary

Kent Gable*, YS High School

Kerri Henry, Indian Rock Elementary

Kevin Willson, YS High School

Krista Wolfenberger, Indian Rock Elementary

Kristie Kopp, YS Middle School

Laura Corsa, YS Middle School

Leigh Foy*, YS High School

Linda Hamm, YS Middle School

Lindsay Hill*, Valley View Elementary

Lisa Acquaviva, YS Middle School

Lisa Arcuri-Brosi, YS Middle School

Lisa Eckenrode, Yorkshire Elementary

Lisa Lewis*, YS High School

Lorie Meckley*, Valley View Elementary

Melissa Martin*, YS Middle School

Michael Jackson, YS Middle School

Missy Lucabaugh, Administration

Mitzi Heaton, East York Elementary

Molly McAuliffe*, YS Middle School

Neil Gutekunst, YS High School

Nicholas Staab, Administration

Nicole Mostert, Valley View Elementary

Peggy Zirkle*, YS Middle School

Richard Petersen, YS High School

Roger Kresge, Administration

Roger Kresge, Administration

Scott Weaver*, East York Elementary

Sherrie Koller, Administration

Stacy Houck, YS Middle School

Stephanie Crumbling, Indian Rock Elementary

Stephanie Petersen, Administration

Sue Lindsay, Valley View Elementary

Sue Peterson & Miles in the Morning Coaches, East York Elementary

Susan Grove, Administration

Susan Robertson, East York Elementary

Thomas Guerin*, East York Elementary

Thomas Triggs, YS High School

Victoria Gross, Administration

Wendy Erwine*, Administration

YS Middle School Office Staff



*Denotes multiple Tributes




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